maandag 1 september 2008

Watch Dragon Ball Z Episode 2 : The World's Strongest Team

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After being defeated in battle by Raditz with only one punch and having his son kidnapped Goku can do nothing but awe at Raditz's awesome power and think of how to get his son back.Then,suddenly, an unexpected figure offers Goku help. Piccolo was still sore about his previous encounter with Raditz. Though Master Roshi has his doubts Goku accepts Piccolo's hand and heads off to find Raditz who was seen eating an animals flesh. Suddenly his scouter indicates a very high power of over 700. He turns around to find that it's coming from his space-pod. Inside was Gohan, trapped and scared. Raditz just brushes it off saying that his scouter probably isn't working. But then he reads two lower levels of around 350 each coming his way and Goku and Piccolo soon arrive. Raditz is shocked to see his scouter working properly and wonders if the previous power reading he got was true too. But before he can ponder on it much the battle between Goku and his brother begins. Is there any chance for our hero?

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