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Watch Dragon Ball Z Episode 5 : Gohan's Metamorphosis

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Chi-Chi cleans the dishes while Krillin wakes up and leaves Goku's house. While he is driving back to the Kame House, he can't understand why he was unable to tell Chi-Chi about Gohan and Goku's misfortune. When he gets back, Bulma and Master Roshi are also mad at him for not telling her and for not getting Goku's Dragon Balls. After another night of hard work, Bulma is finally able to make the scouter display fighting forces in numerical format. She tries to wake up Krillin and Master Roshi and ultimately has to fire a machine gun at them to wake them up. She reads Master Roshi's power at 139, Krillin's power at 206, and the turtle's power at .001.

Just then, Yajirobe arrives at the Kame House and tells Krillin to round up Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu to be trained by Kami in preparation for the Saiyans. Yajirobe also relays the message to not wish Goku back for a whole year. As Yajirobe leaves, another plane approaches in the distance, but as it draws nearer, we can see it's Chi-Chi and Ox-King. When they land, Chi-Chi wants to see Goku and Gohan, so Master Roshi tells her the entire story. Upon hearing this, Chi-Chi faints

Back in the desert, Gohan sees a stampede of dinosaurs run by and asks them for assistance in getting off of the pillar. Of course, they can't hear him and run off. Piccolo, who had been watching from a distance, says that training Gohan is a lost cause. The scene switches to night, where the noise a squirrel makes wakes up Gohan. Gohan tries to pick up the squirrel, but it runs into a hole in a upwardly protruding land formation coming out of the pillar. Gohan reaches in and is bitten. Gohan notices that he has a shadow, and looks at the full moon for the first time.

Gohan transforms into and Oozaru Ape and starts rampaging around the desert, destroying everything in his path. Piccolo sees him transform and remembers when Raditz said that the Saiyans main power source is their tails, and how they transform in the light of a full moon. Piccolo destroys the moon, causing Gohan to transform back into his human form. Piccolo removes his tail, and gives him a uniform like Goku's, and a sword. Piccolo flies off leaving Gohan alone once again.

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